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If this isn't your first visit to the blog, take another look around. We have added so much information about our readings, workshops, performances, and special events.

An important note:
If you wish to register for any of our workshops, you must email dapopolivein@gmail.com to secure your spot. Many of the workshops have a maximum capacity.

Oh, and our fundraiser last Saturday night was wonderful. Thank you to the people who came out and played with us. There was magic, music, painting and poetry, questions and prizes and battles for mars bars.

See you at the Opening Party?

Opening Party

@ The Living Room

Snacks & refreshments available.
Help us kick off this year's play reading, workshop, and performance series with punch & pizzazz.

DaPo1o: The Fundraiser - RSVP


This year, DaPoPo turns 10! In anticipation of the Live-In, we celebrate a decade of playful theatre creation and raise funds for DaPoPo's Live-In Festival 2014. 

Play. Drink. And see what happens.

Saturday, September 20th
8pm - 10:30pm
@ Menz&Mollyz Bar, The Music Room

$10 to play, $10 to see what happens

Featuring Kristi Anderson, Zach Faye, Keelin Jack, Kim Parkhill, Garry Williams … and you!

Play Reading Series Announced

The Play-Reading Series 2014 

Here are the scripts we will be reading and discussing this year:

Monday, Oct. 6th || 7:30 PM @ The Bus Stop Theatre
TreeGirl, by Meghan Hubley
TW: Suicide

TreeGirl was commissioned by Forerunner Playwright's Theatre in 2010. This will be its first public reading. It is a poignant and poetic glimpse into the buoyancy of depression, exploring family lineage and unexpected connections. This reading will help launch TreeGirl into a ‘workshopable’ draft, lifting it from pages to a living breathing story.

Wednesday, Oct. 8th || 7:30 PM @The Living Room
Rendezvous, by Patrick Blenkarn 
The Gun You Have, by Kristin Slaney

Rendezvous is story about a Canadian filmmaker in motion, from east to west. Adapted and re-written from a 1978 film by Chantal Akerman, this version explores conflicts between past, present, and future—between the love of antiquated art, relationships with family, friends, and strangers, and the dedication to aesthetic aspirations.

The Gun You Have is a funny, chilling, and thought-provoking monologue about a woman, a man, a gun, and an open house.

Wednesday, Oct. 15th || 7:30 PM @ The Living Room
A Harvest of Stars, by Liam Monaghan 
The Elements, by Nate Crawford

A Harvest of Stars is set on a third-generation Irish-Canadian farm in Southern Alberta and tells the story of the young Brigit Flavin and her parents and uncle. In this early rendition, only Act One will be read. Act Two is currently unfinished, in part because Liam is a (self proclaimed) lazier writer than he should be, but also because Brigit hasn’t yet decided everything she’s going to become.

The Elements is the middle part of a loosely-connected trilogy of “Cabin Plays”, which includes Table Mountain Cabin, produced in 2005, and Global Warming, currently being written. The Elements provides a keyhole glimpse at the lives of two siblings in middle age who face a mysterious family crisis.

Friday, Oct. 17th || 7:30 PM @ Location TBD
Candor is a Plus, by Kevin Hartford

Candor is a Plus is an evening in the life of Miriam, a 60-year-old artist at her latest gallery opening, where she struggles with feelings of mortality while trying to manage her three adult children - academic Tim, cartoonist Chip, and actress Juliet - who've arrived with their own set of problems in tow.

Monday, Oct. 20th || 7:30 PM @ The Bus Stop Theatre
The Unnatural Journey of St Valerie to Nova Scotia
by Kristin Slaney

Based on a real life human interest news story - the mysterious arrival of a broken relic on the doorstep of 2 Halifax artists - this madcap, fantastical and uber theatrical story imagines the possible journey of St Valerie of Limoges, as well as her effect on the lives she becomes part of in the present.

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd || 7:30 PM @ The Living Room
I Will Miss You When You're Gone, by Jessica Moss 
Appearing Bowl of Rice, by Trevor Poole
TW: Suicide

Four women, a destroyed car, ghosts, and some young adult fiction. I Will Miss You When You're Gone is a lonesome country song about grief and connection amidst bureaucracy. Celeste tries to contact her dead mother Caroline, but instead is haunted by Evelyn. Evelyn jumped off the top of her office building, run by Erin. Erin just wants to get these files in order. Also, there is a robot.

Appearing Bowl of Rice is a surreal dinner table play where two parents are trying to find out what their 25 year old son wants to do with his life.

Monday, Oct. 27th || 7:30 PM @ The Bus Stop Theatre
Money, Men, & Me, by Clare WaquĆ© 
Chasing a Champion: The Sam Langford Story
by Jacob Sampson

Money, Men, & Me is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story, examining the proper recourse for our various childhood delusions: protection vs. destruction. "...the world I’m in does not match with the one I expected...when one’s expectations don’t match with reality they ask, did I miscalculate, am I dreaming, did I take some kind of drug, how can 2+2=5?" A new play by the (unpaid) Managing Director of the Bus Stop Theatre.

Chasing a Champion is the first play from local actor Jacob Sampson, exploring the challenges faced, inside and outside of the ring, by "The Greatest Fighter Nobody Knows", Nova Scotia born heavyweight boxer Sam Langford.    

Wednesday, Oct. 29th || 7:30 PM @ The Bus Stop Theatre
Still Far Still Wide, by Dan Bray

Still Far Still Wide is a gothic drama which explores addiction, loss, and the supernatural to tell the story of Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. Poetry (and a strange ghost) brings these two eccentric authors together in this haunting historical-fiction, allowing us to recognize the strange parallels and similarities in their respective careers.

DaPoPo's Live-In: Soon to Announce 2014 Visiting Artist

DaPoPo Theatre is thrilled to welcome another force of Canadian theatre to Halifax to join us for our 2014 Live-In Festival. 

In 2012, Guillermo Verdecchia came to the Live-In to read his play Galicia, offer a workshop, and join our panel of artists to discuss the responsibilities theatre artists have when representing themselves and when representing those other than themselves. 


Our 2013 visiting artist was Sky Gilbert. Sky offered his voice in our panel discussion:
  The Personal is Political?
He held an evening of selected readings from his newest work. He also led a workshop on approaching playwrighting.


Eager to know who is coming this year? We're itching to tell you! 

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We are currently inviting submissions for DaPoPo Theatre’s 6th Annual Live-in Festival.

The Live-In is a month-long festival inviting artists and audiences to gather in an intimate setting for performances, play readings and discussions, skill-share workshops and special events. 

We are interested in works of a daring, poetic or political nature from artists in Nova Scotia and the Maritimes, though consideration will be given to all proposals of:
  • previously unproduced playscripts (for play reading series) Deadline Aug. 15th
  • new works/works-in-progress (for the performance series)
  • workshop proposals
To submit, or for more info, contact Keelin Jack (Play Reading Series) or Garry Williams (Performance and Workshop Series) at dapopolivein@gmail.com


DaPoPo Theatre's SIXTH Annual Live-In Festival.
Come share this celebration of living theatre with us!


The Live-In is a month-long festival inviting artists and audiences to gather in an intimate setting for performances, play readings and discussions, skill-share workshops, special events, social times, and performances. Each day in October, we'll come together to discover, experience and create theatre together.

More details to come as we firm up our schedule.